Carlos Gallegos

Gallegos is an actor, teacher, playwright and theater director. He studied in the United States (Dell’Arte International School), France (Jacques Lecoq International School and Le Samovar Clown School) and Ecuador (Malayerba School and Teatro del Cronopio) among others. In 2002, after working with several companies combining theater, circus and physical theater, he founded Teatro de la Vuelta. For seven years he performed the solo project "Around the world in 80 months". He has performed, directed and taught theater on five continents.

Gallegos began directing in 2007. Since then has staged 23 plays using clown, physical theater and contemporary dance techniques for artists from Latin America and Europe. In most productions he also worked as a playwright.

"Final de Partida" (Samuel Beckett)

Direction: Carlos Gallegos

Gallegos has taught in: Teatro Nacional de La Habana (Cuba), Cirque d'Orge and Loly Circus (France), Escola de Clown de Barcelona (Spain), Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus (Cambodia), Conservatory El Barco (Costa Rica), Instituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas (Uruguay) and Universidad Estatal and Del Azuay (Ecuador). He has been the instructor of 166 clown, theater, and gestural theater workshops in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Gallegos began working as a playwright in 2007 with the physical theater play "Plush". After collaborating on many silent pieces for other companies he wrote his first texts: “Pablo del Desierto” and "Barrio Caleidoscopio" (Publisher ¡Festival!,  France). At the request of others actors he wrote: "El Conferencista" (Publisher Turbina, Ecuador) and "Cuando llegue Rosa". In 2015 he wrote “SoloSoloSolo” his last physical theater play. His Spanish language plays have been translated into French and Portuguese.

"Barrio Caleidoscopio"
Publisher ¡Festival! (France)

In 2008 stars in the film "Prometeo Deportado" by Fernando Mieles. From 2002 to the present he has starred in seven short films two of which also participated as a co-writer.

Carlos Gallegos as "Prometeo Deportado"

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