Clown I (Beginners)

Find your inner clown, your own sense of humor and your way of transmitting it on stage. The clown comes from the circus, the theatre, the music hall and the Comedia dell'Arte. Chaplin and Roberto Benigni are masters of this art in which mistakes and tenderness are essential. A Clown is funny because it deals with the comedy within tragedy and the actor’s mistakes become the strengths of the clown. In this workshop, we will seek the innocence and weaknesses of each clown to make them individually? funny. But, what is a clown? That person who arrives always too late or too early. That little man, or little woman, to whom everything is too big or too small. That person who trips two or even three times with the same rock. That person who is a specialist in being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That musician who brings the piano closer to the chair rather than the chair closer to the piano. That Mr. Nobody who wants to be a Mr. Somebody. That marginalized person who tries to be part of society, and in doing so breaks it down and unveils it. A clown is an unconscious critic of human relations. A clown is all that and more (or less), but in essence a clown is a CLOWN! Don’t be afraid of ridicule, it’s the key!

Objective: The workshop is a search for the clown in each participant.
Clown II (Creating the character)
Clown III (Whiteface and Auguste)
Clown IV (Creating short show)

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