Teatro de la Vuelta

Teatro de la Vuelta is a theater company founded in 2002 by actor and director Carlos Gallegos. His plays, influenced by contemporary theater, mime and clown genres, have been featured in several festivals and have received various awards and acknowledgments. Teatro de la Vuelta has collaborated with other theater companies in direction, assistant direction, dramaturgy, staging and lighting. The work of the company has been developed in: Ecuador, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, France, Morocco, Senegal, Spain, Colombia, Cambodia, Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany, Portugal and United States.



  • CARLOS GALLEGOS Actor, director, playwright and teacher
  • JORGE GUITÉRREZ Light board and sound operator
  • SANTIAGO BACULIMA Graphic designer
  • FRÉDÉRIQUE ROZE Choreographer
  • CINDY LÓPEZ Web designer
  • SOPHIE ALLIONE and AMAIA IRIGOYEN Light board operators in Europe

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